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Maintenance and Care Information


Test Kits, Replacement Parts, and Chemical Reagents


* Before performing the tests, attach the water softener to the faucet with the outlet line in the sink and run water through the softener. (The conditioned water will test hard unless water is allowed to flow through the unit for a short time.)
* Never hold the faucet adapter onto the faucet or increase the water pressure to the point that the faucet adapter is blown off the faucet. This will damage the softener.
* Rinse all testing equipment after each use. Do not use detergents, as they may affect your test results.
* Do not over fill the test kit cases-they will break!
* Keep your test kit and chemical reagents out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
* Do not allow the resin inside the softener to become dry. This will damage the resin.
* Do not over-tighten the fittings on the softener. This will break the softener and its fittings.
* Do not allow chemical solutions to come into contact with the skin or eyes.
* Handle chemical solutions with care and securely replace the bottle caps.

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